🀴For Partners

The Pixel Journey is here to collaborate with you too!

Along the seasons and the overall journey we'll have a series opportunities to collaborate with various other artists, builders, projects and business'.

We will run a few different 'aspects/levels' of collaborations and partnerships:

  • event/giveaway partnerships (can be short/long period events, with prizes and promotions from both parties project-economies)

  • art/branding partnerships (with some of your art incorporated into our project .. or visa-versa)

  • mechanics/utility partnerships (where 'utility' is given to either parties project mechanics, in the opposite project)

  • education/promotion partnerships (mainly focused on teaching each side of the partners' community more about what the other project is about)

What can the Pixel Journey do for you?

We're highly flexible, and might be able to incorporate you into our project in multiple ways. We can offer to:

  • Advice and support your project (both on private team-to-team basis, and with wider community reviews)

  • Introduce your content to our community

    • Cover your project in our ecosystem onboarding explanations, recommendations and guides

    • Introduce your art/game/mechanics to our community on Discord

    • Keep our Discord community updated with partner-project news

    • Share your project/content to our wider audiences via Twitter

  • Incorporate your content to our Pixel-collection (as well as our pixel-economy and blending mechanics, with optional opportunities for cross-collection blends or physical redeemable end-results)

  • Add your links here among our Ecosystem Partners, on our website and other Social Network platforms.

  • Ensure you to be referred to/figure in future seasons PFP traits.

  • We might be able to help onboard users to your preferred networks or ecosystems too.

What we look for?

In our partners we hope to find

  • great artists of every type - that we can help potentially reach new collectors, help getting started with NFTs in different ecosystems, or ways for incorporating into our Pixel Journey collection

  • trusted parties that can be relied on to uphold the collab/partnership agreements made

  • projects that share the same values and goals as we do

  • projects building a better web3 for the world of tomorrow

  • active communities that are looking for new things to explore and learn

  • dApps and games from across the metaverse that can be fun for our community to pursuit together

  • knowledge, opportunities and fun to offer our community along the way

  • new neat/useful rewards & prizes to share with our community

Should that be you?

Please don't hesitate to create a ticket on our Discord, or send a mail to support@pixeljourney.xyz to get in direct contact with our team for any more information, or any other inquiries.

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