How to buy NFTs on the Atomic Marketplace

The atomichub market can be found here, or from the 2nd pane of the main navigation bar on the Atomichub website:

From there you are by default met with a feed of the newest/latest listings being made on Atomichub, as well as a handy "Filter by" section on the left to help you navigate through the markets.

When shopping on Atomichub you have two options to check out. Either you can buy individual NFTs using their "Buy Now" buttons, or alternatively you can put multiple NFTs into your chart to be checked out at a later time, or all at the same time.

If you're using the adding to cart option, then once you're ready to check out you can open up your cart from the little "Cart button" next to your profile/the burger-menu:

From your cart you can also choose to pick up multiple assets of the same template (if multiple are available on the market), which will indicate you the average price per item, as well as new total cost for checking out your cart selection.

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