NFT Bridge

Bridging an NFT for a Bridge Enabled Collection you hold assets from doesn't take more than a few minutes! And doesn't cost more than a few cents (as long as you're not bridging to/from ETH) 🀭

Bridging of assets happens in similar ways to the collection setups, and the bridging of tokens; in a simple 2 step process. First the process is started in the "Cross-chain NFT Transfer" section, where the origin and destination blockchains are chosen, and the desired NFTs have their bridging process initiated by being transferred to the custodial bridging wallet.

Once the confirmation of the bridged asset and processing of the bridge is completed, it becomes claimable with your destination wallet from step 2, in "Claim NFT". This can cost a bit of gas on the destination chain, as it's up to the user bridging each asset to pay the minting cost for the asset to arrive on the new blockchain, and have the asset transferred to their wallet.

For NFT Transfers to Polygon it's below a cent per transfer, so extremely affordable (0.013 Matic for 3 NFTs bridged on less than 5 minutes at time of writing) and easy to do whenever it should be needed. Absolutely recommendable to try it out!

Once NFTs are transferred to another blockchain, the reverse process can be completed to deposit that new bridged NFT with the bridge again, and re-obtain the same original matching asset from your origin blockchain once again.

History Tab

Finally in the History section you can see your past bridge actions.

For collections from non-Wax blockchains, it's also possible to bridge collections in the other direction.

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