$NEFTY Rewards

Earn NEFTY Tokens by trading on NeftyBlocks Markets!

NEFTY Basics

  • Provide NEFWAX Liquidity to earn NEFTY (476.19 NEFTY shared every hour)

  • 10000 NEFTY distributed every day between NB markets/drops participants

  • Stake NEFTY to take part in the 25% share of secondary market platform fees generated

From the Rewards page on NB:

"Earn while trading?

We at NeftyBlocks don’t like to keep our NEFTY and WAX for ourselves, so we decided to share it with the best community out there. Yes, that would be you!

List your NFTs and start earning NEFTY by trading on NeftyBlocks.

Provide liquidity to earn even more NEFTY.

Stake NEFTY to collect your share of the WAX secondary market fees.

What are you waiting for? Let’s become #1 together!"

Locating Nefty Rewards on the website

From their website navigation bar, you can find the $NEFTY rewards page for your account on Neftyblocks.com, by hovering the "Earn" tab and selecting "Rewards":

Learn More

Learn about Neftyblocks $NEFTY rewards from their docs here:

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