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$WOMBAT Rewards - all you need to know

How does the reward system work?

We want to reward your loyalty to AtomicHub by giving you free $WOMBAT tokens for every NFT trade that you perform on AtomicHub.

Each day, any qualified user will receive their share of the daily reward pool based on their share of the total trading volume on AtomicHub. For example, if the total trading volume on AtomicHub is 1m WAX, and your own trading volume on AtomicHub is 10k WAX on the same, you'll be eligible to 1% of the total reward pool on that day.

Rewards for each day will be claimable on the next one. Don't worry, if you forget to do that, your tokens won't be lost! They will simply accumulate in your unclaimed balance until you collect them.Once you do, the $WOMBAT tokens will be released to your linked WAX wallet.

Another bonus is that your reward will always be deflationary. Every month, 25% of the trading fees we accrue from trades on AtomicHub, will be used to buy back and burn a portion of $WOMBAT tokens

What is $WOMBAT and what can I use it for?

$WOMBAT is the native currency of the Spielworks ecosystem featuring AtomicHub, the Wombat app and Wombat Dungeon Master. You can stake $WOMBAT to get awesome VIP perks across these products, be able to vote on aspects concerning the community, or buy cool items and NFTs

$WOMBAT is available on multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, WAX, Polygon and EOS, and can be traded on numerous centralized and decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Quickswap, Tacoswap, Alcor or KuCoin.

Find more information about $WOMBAT here: https://www.wombat.app/wombat-token

Read our whitepaper here: https://whitepaper.wombat.app/wombat-whitepaper/

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