WAX Blockchain Resources and Gas Fees

Q: I've heard that WAX doesn't have gas fees. Can you explain how its blockchain resources function?

WAX operates using three primary resources: CPU, NET, and RAM. CPU & NET

  • Both CPU and NET resources are utilized for processing and sending transactions, respectively.

  • When you conduct a transaction, these resources are consumed.

  • They regenerate over time, becoming fully replenished after a 24-hour period.


  • RAM is the resource responsible for maintaining your account's state data on the blockchain.

  • Unlike CPU & NET, RAM doesn’t regenerate. It's a consumable resource.

  • If you need more RAM, you can purchase it. If you find you have excess RAM, it can be sold.

So, while WAX does not have traditional gas fees, users interact with the blockchain through the consumption and regeneration of these resources. Always monitor your resource levels to ensure smooth transactions. Want to learn more?

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