Listing a single NFT

To list a single NFT on Neftyblocks, begin by finding it in your inventory, and begin the process clicking on the "List on market" button:

This opens the "List on market"-overlay seen here below; which shows your selected NFT in the top, offers you a text field to input a listing price in either WAX or USD. The USD listing option still lists the NFT for sale for WAX, however in an automatically price-adjusting manner to ensure the WAX price on the listing totals the chosen USD amount depending on the price/price fluctuations of WAX itself.

You also get useful market information about the NFT you're about to list, from the history of trades made from the same template/series of NFT mints.

Here we want to remind you that certain NFTs have mutable attributes as well, which mean different mints in the same series/template can have different progress.

Additionally, certain collectors value certain mints higher (e.g. mint 1, 42 or 69). And certain projects have different mechanics making certain mints more valuable.

Always DYOR!

Below you have an interactive market history graph with data for the asset, that can help you get an idea of how the price evolution has progressed

Further below the graph you have the various fee explanations, which are automatically subtracted from your listing price at the time of selling.

  • Collection fee: Are the NFT-collection/projects Royalties share (can be adjustable by collection owners from 0-15%)

  • Marketplace fee: 2% Shared by the marketplaces involved in the trade (depending on from where it was listed / bought)

  • Tokenomics fee: 2% Part of WAXP burn tokenomics in itself

By clicking the -10, -1, 1 and 10% buttons below the price field/above the graph, you can choose to automatically fill it relative to the live/current market prices for the template

And finally in the bottom you can check your amount received after the Collection/Marketplace/Tokenomics fees, and confirm or cancel the transaction.

Confirming the action will prompt the Wax Wallet you signed into Neftyblocks with to ask you to sign the transaction to complete the listing.

And hopefully it confirms/completes successfully!

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