AH Creator Tools

Find the AH Creator Page here:

With the AH Creators tools you can:

  • Create new collections on the Wax Blockchain

  • Configure/edit collection details (such as name, description, royalty fees, logo/banners, and more)

  • Create new schemas (categories) within your collections

  • Create new templates (NFT series) within your schemas

  • Mint new NFTs (either with a template), or as separate assets (without a template they all become 1/1s). The minted NFTs can be received by the owner or a chosen receiving wallet.

  • Claim royalty fees

  • Lock max supply of templates (if a higher maximum limit had been defined previously)

  • Create AH Market Filters (to include the opportunity for filtering assets per select attributes)

  • Create a Collectors Page (using the editor)

  • Authorize additional Wax accounts to manage your collections (except claiming royalties, which can only be done by the collection owner)

Note that on the https://atomichub.io page the Creator Navigation tap isn't there, whereas you can always find it directly in the navigation bar on https://wax.atomichub.io

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