The Wax OIG (Office of Inspector General) is a core part of the Wax Network governance, designated to reviewing/designing/maintaining:

  • Network Guidelines

  • Auditing and Advising Wax Guilds

  • Assessing WaxLabs proposals

  • Improving Wax educational content

  • WAXP Token Economy Model Design

  • .. and more !

It's consisting of 3 "IGs" (Inspector Generals), who get elected in via these OIG-elections happening every 6 months, and serve the committee in 18 month terms.

Weekly Roundtables every Tuesday!

Join in every Tuesday ( ~ usually around 14 UTC these days ) below, or check in on telegram to find the latest scheduling:


You can read all about it here:

Join/follow the WaxGov discussion on Telegram:

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