Creating URL Gift Claim-links

By creating URL Gift Claim-links on AH you can easily give away/share any NFTs you own to anybody else who has a Wax account they can log into AH to claim the link with.

This is all free of cost, and only takes a few seconds to do, and you begin from your inventory on Atomichub:

You start by one of two options:

  • Selecting multiple NFTs to create a bundle/bulk gift link by making your multi-selection and using the button with the three-dots next to the orange "Bulk Listing" button, and chosing "Create Gift Link"

  • Selecting a specific NFT you want to turn into a gift link by the option-menu directly on it, and chosing "New Gift Link"

Both options bring you to the Gift Link creation interface, where you can see your selected NFTs and/or change your selection.

You also get the opportunity to write a "Memo" which is a short message stored on the blockchain, and that gets displayed on the gift link claim site for the receiver/opener of the link.

Once you're satisfied with your message, and the content of the gift link, click on the "Generate Gift Link" button, which will present you with a QR-code to claim the gift link or an easy to copy URL for you to copy/paste towards the receiver.

At this point you might notice the NFTs have disappeared from your wallet!

Do not worry, this is completely natural as the NFTs are temporarily held by the atomictoolsx account from the link is created till it is claimed.

This account is an official account under authority of, so it's a perfectly safe form of transfers.

If you accidentally "lose" your claim links, or decide that you want to cancel a gift link after some period of time, you can always revisit your active claim links or view your past history from here:

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