Creating NFT-Templates on AH

Once you have a Category created for your collection, you can enter the Create Templates interface, and create a Template within the select Category/Schema:

When selecting a Max supply in the template, then that maximum becomes impossible to increase further in the future. However, a Max Supply can be Locked at any point before its reached as well, at which point it'll be fixed to the number of mints at the time of locking.

When creating the Category we created the Attributes for the NFTs within it, in this step we need to fill out the values of each attribute.

It is possible to skip including attributes from the chosen Category to a specific template within it, or it is possible to return to the previous step and add in more attributes to the Category before the template is created.

Values defined for each Attribute of the template are immutable after signing the creation, so make sure not create templates with typos.

After selecting the appropriate name, image, the max supply and filling out other template specific attributes, the template is created with a TX. And it's now ready to get minted.

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