PFPWizard Gems

The Buy/Sell rewards from PFPWizard PFP Market shopping!

There are 6 different gem tiers going from Astral to Celestral as seen on the img above, where each of them carry increasingly higher Magic Power weight.

On Neftyblocks you can upgrade gems from one tier to another using Neftyblends:

Here you'll notice that:

  • 5x Astral Crystals (= 5 Magic Power) = 1x Arcane Emerald (7 Magic Power)

  • 4x Arcane Emerald (= 28 Magic Power) = 1x Arcane Ruby (30 Magic Power)

  • 3x Arcane Ruby (= 90 Magic Power) = 1x Enigmatic Topaz (95 Magic Power)

  • 2x Enigmatic Topaz (= 180Magic Power) = 1x Enchanted Sapphire (200 Magic Power)

  • 5x Enchanted Sapphire (= 1000 Magic Power) = 1x Celestial Diamond (1111 Magic Power)

Meaning that for each step upgraded, you accumulate more Magic Power than the ingredients needed to blend those up to those higher level crystals.

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