🎨For Artists

The Pixel Journey is here to allow everybody to share their art, find new collectors or reach new audiences.

Artists are always very most welcome to contribute directly to the Pixel Journey, either by creating fan art, emojis, memes, or other types of promotional Pixel Journey themed graphics.

If you're a new artist to the Wax/NFT space in general, then we're also always most welcoming for you to get in touch with our community to receive feedback, or help in creating your collection/project in the ecosystems we reach along the Pixel Journey.

Get your art incorporated into the Pixel Journey!

As a part of our Pixel Economy relies on new collectibles to be crafted/collected along our journey, we also always* have room and opportunities to incorporate new art. So why not yours?

By allowing us to mint your creations (in up to multiple steps of rarity/pixel-resolutions), you get to reach new audiences/ecosystems with your art as well as potentially finding new collectors by promoting your website/project via our assets.

While the Pixel Journey is still very young, and has barely begun, we intent for it to be a looong one, so perhaps you end up being among the earliest to be featured in this Pixel Journey for many more users to come as well.

As part of our collaboration we would create a special ingredient sale to be required to be bought by crafters/collectors. And as a baseline then ~33% of any revenue from these would be rewarded to you as collaborating artist as well.

While the remaining ~66% would be split between buying back/burning PXJ, being allocated to the WaxRocks Councils funds, or the project funds.

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