Minting NFTs via AH

After the first steps of:

  • Creating the collection

  • Creating a category/schema

  • Creating a NFT-Template

You're now ready to Create your NFTs πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬

From the your Creator Collection Page, enter the "Create NFT" category and click on "Create New NFT ( + )".

From here you need to select your desired Category and Template (or choose to create a new template for the asset/series of assets). Once the template is selected, you can choose who should be the Asset Recipient (a Wax wallet), and how many copies should be minted to that wallet from 1-50.

As all the Attribute Details will automatically be filled out/equal between all your Templates, then there's no more needed, and by clicking "Create" the asset is ready to be minted.

The assets will appear nearly instantly in your wallet after creation, but it can take up to a few minutes for the mint numbers to appear on them.

Each NFT costs/takes up 151 bytes of RAM to create. Depending on how many NFTs are minted/many batches of up to 50 NFTs are minted, a few hundred CPU can also be required, make sure to stack up on both for making sure to have enough to mint.

Once a NFT is burned, the RAM cost of creation is released back to the minter of the NFT (not to the user who burns it!)

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