Creating Categories(Schemas) on AH

Categories (sometimes known as Schemas) can be useful for categorizing your projects assets

Navigate to your collections creator page, and find the "Categories" Tab in the Creator Tools.

From there click the first icon from the left "Create Category ( + )"

Here the first thing you need is to name your category. Choosing an easily classifiable Category Name can be a good idea, pick something descriptive of the NFTs/templates of NFTs you're intending to create within the Category.

Categories come with 3 default Attributes:

  • name

  • img

  • video

and from there you have the option to add in any custom Attributes you'd like to add in.

Beware that these are immutable attributes, and cannot be edited/changed in Names or Types after the Category has been created.

These attributes will then be default/optional for each of the NFTs created within it, and can be a useful way to allow users to Filter for the desired assets on secondary markets, or to add in special attribute related functionality within their collection.

Attributes of NFTs are only defined in their Categories, and will be present on all templates/NFTs created within it.

A category is required for creating a NFT Template, which we look into on the next page here.

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