Your inventory on Atomichub

On Atomichub you can get an overview of your collection by entering your "Inventory" via the burgermenu by clicking your username up in the top right corner of the navigation bar.

From this menu you can also importantly navigate directly to your listings, or to claim your accumulated $WOMBAT rewards from having traded on Atomichub. Once opened you get an overview of the NFTs held by the logged in Wax account, as well as a total inventory estimated value (calculated from past sales for each NFT/NFT series)

With the controls for multi-selections using the tick-boxes, or each individual NFTs options, you can choose to transfer, initiate new trades, create new Gift URL links, burn/back the NFTs with Tokens, or to create bundle listings.

By clicking each individual NFT (when not having a multi-selection going), you can enter each NFTs individual/unique pages which holds every detail about them such as metadata (immutable/mutable attributes), or price history (including a graph)

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