Token Bridge

The MyCloudWallet bridge offers Token Bridges for a few token-bridged enabled transfers to/from the Wax Network, depending on which wallets are used when logging in.

The Token Bridging happens in 2 steps:

1) First tokens are "Swapped" from the Swap Token step, initiating the process to transfer tokens across the bridge. In this step the user selects which blockchains to send to/from, and which tokens they want to bridge. At the time of writing all tokens bridged are bridged at a 1 - 1 conversion rate. And there's no fees on the Wax side for bridging tokens.

2) In the second step users claim the bridged tokens on the destination blockchain once the bridging process is confirmed on the Wax side. This usually requires a minor claim gas fee depending on the network chosen to bridge to (unless it's to Wax, where it's free and not always necessary to claim: WUF arrives directly to your wallet!)

Token Bridging is only active for WUF, WAX, BRWL, AIMR and a few other tokens on the MyCloudWallet bridge at this time, to specifically linked blockchains. If interested, contact the Wax Team directly to request/propose the opportunity to get tokens added to the bridge on

The third/final navigation tab option is the users Bridging History, where you can see your recent transfers, and History of bridge usage.

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