Creating a Cloud Wallet

Creating a Cloud Wallet

On Cloud Wallet you have the options between choosing a Social Media Account to create a wallet, or with a fresh email/username + password input. Both options have their pros/cons, with a possible risk of loss of access to the SoMe or Email used to signup. So it can come down to a choice between convenience and slightly higher security.

If you're comfortable with creating a fresh new password (perhaps a randomly generated one stored on a password manager), then I generally advice doing that for maximum account security.

Or if you're concerned about losing your email/forgetting your details, then choosing the Social Media option can be a great choice as well.

Claiming your wallet keys (for optional importing of the account into other wallets such as Anchor Wallet or WombatApp)

This is entirely optional, but a nice opportunity to have. There are two different claim levels:

  • Soft Claim (get your keys, while continue to be able to use Cloud Wallet)

  • Hard Claim (get your keys, and your cancel Cloud Wallet permissions/benefits)

Learn all about it here in the following page:

Claiming your Cloud Wallet account keys

Redemption codes

Are you a new user getting started on Wax? Then pass by our Discord, introduce yourself and we might be able to help you out with a redemption code for an entirely free account creation to get you started out πŸ›ΈπŸ‘€

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