Bulk listing NFTs

For listing mutliple NFTs from your Neftyblocks inventory, begin by selecting the desired NFTs by clicking their checkboxes in the top right corner.

Once you have your desired selection click the "Bulk actions" dropdown menu-button to find the "List on market" option we're looking for in this case.

From there you have 2 different options to choose from, to either price each asset individually or by templates, here each can be most suitable for different situations.

By assets:

If choosing the "buy assets" route, you can scroll through your selected NFTs and view recent price data (no graph, as when listing single NFTs though), and give them each a price. OR you can scroll to the bottom, and set all their prices with a single click using one of the two pricing options found there:

After filling in all the prices on your selection you can confirm your transactions. Beware that you might need to sign many* transactions (if listing more than 10 NFTs at a time, it might require you to sign per 10 or so).


If you choose the "By template" listing option, you will find something alike the following here, where we can scroll through a list of each type of asset:

Observe that there's a "x 4" in the top right corner above the NFT-img/name/collection for each of the selected templates. This indicates that in this case there were 4 NFTs of this template selected, and you can put a price for each of them (from the same field).

Keep in mind that you can easily shift back and forth between "Assets" and "Templates", if you want to take a look at the individual assets current market floor/estimated prices. The inputs along the way on Templates should remain from each jump between the two panes there.

However! If you accidentally click outside of the "List on market" window, and prematurely close down the window along the way: you will lose all progress of filling out prices for assets or templates so far.

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