Staking Rewards via Cloud Wallet

Stake your WAXP, and gain ~8% APR via Voting Rewards!

From the Staking Rewards: Stake, Vote and Earn-page, you can find the precise information about the current APR estimates, how much you have staked, which proxy you're voting through and how much voting strength you're at.

The page comes in 3 steps:

  • Stake WAXP

  • Proxy voting

  • Claim staking rewards

If you already have your resources staked, you can skip the first step for the most part.

Importantly you must refresh your votes every now and then, to maintain a maximum voting strength efficiency as that voting strength defines how many WAXP rewards you accumulate as well.

Claiming WAXP occasionally (and perhaps restaking them), can also be well worth it to continue building up resources and future staking rewards.

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