PFPWizard Magic Power

Sourced from Wizzy PFPs and PFPWizard Crystals πŸ§™

Magic Power comes either from OG Wizzys, or in the main part from the following gems:

Learn about the details of Magic Power on the PFPWizard Gems page:

Benefits include:

Monthly Raffles: Gain access to monthly raffles where valuable NFTs are awarded, with previous prizes exceeding $50 each. No action required to participate; simply hold the gems in your wallet at the time of the lottery, and NFTs will be directly delivered. Join Discord to follow the draw.

Sponsored Raffles: Participate in special raffles sponsored by specific collections, adding even more excitement to your gem-holding experience.

Special Discord Role: Earn a unique role on the PFP Wizard Discord server based on your total gem power, granting access to exclusive content and privileges.

Leaderboard Ranking: Automatically enter the leaderboard based on your gem's total magical power, adding a competitive edge to your experience.

Early Access to Future PFP Wizard Drops: Gain exclusive early access to future PFP Wizard drops, ensuring you're ahead of the curve in acquiring new and exciting digital assets.

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