Staking NFTs to WaxDAO Farms (and claiming rewards)

On WaxDAO there are 2 different versions of NFT Farms, with a few different setting options.

An example of a Version 1 Farm can be our initial pixal staking farm here below:

In the top of a WaxDAO Farm page you'll find the Farm Details indicating the Status, hourly rewards paid out, number of assets staked, time of expiration and most importantly the number of tokens in the pool. The latter here is important, as certain Farms may run out of rewards and can end up being empty before their expiration (the case only possibly for V1 Farms).

Below you can find the info about which templates/collections/attributes are stakable for the farm, and details about any staked assets you may already have staked in there.

Staking of assets

In the bottom you'll find the "Actions" section, from where you can stake/unstake, and claim your rewards (or optionally donate additional rewards to the Farm Pool).

The first step in order to join a pool is therefore to enter the "Stake" section, and select your stakable assets. Using the select-all option this can be done within minutes even with hundreds of assets.

Do beware it can take up to a few minutes for your whole inventory to be scanned for stakable assets, so do be patient when loading them.

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