Collection Pages on PFPWizard

Here with the Pixel Journeys Pixals as example

Ranking Overview

The first page visitors are presented with when checking a collections page, are their PFP Rankings.

Here in the screenshot above we can see the:

  • Rarity Rank with the # number in the title of each Pixals frames

  • The owner of each Pixal to the right of the Rarity Rank

  • The Pixal name/mint number in the bottom part of the frame

  • The Pixal in the image for each of them

  • Rarity Indicator Gems in the bottom right (enabled via the menu)

It displays 50 PFPs per page, and has a pagition in the bottom of the page to scroll through them.

By clicking the "Filter" button you can specify your search either within different traits, or to look up specific wallets rankings which can also often be very useful.

Traits Explorer

On the second page under each PFPs Collect Page we find their Traits overviews, from where it's easy to DYOR into which traits are how rare in relation to one another, or to find easy Market filtered links directly to each of them. You can also find a Wallet-text field that when filled helps indicate which traits have already been collected/are missing, as seen on the second image here below.

Buy / Sell on PFPWizard

The next two pages are the Buy / Sell pages, from where you can buy/list the PFPWizard listed collectibles directly via the platform, and with interesting possible gem rewards as well!

If Buying or Selling PFP assets via the PFP Wizard platform within the price tiers outlined above, then you can receive instant/automatic bonus rewards in form of NFT Crystals from the PFPWiz-WIzzy project. Read more about those on the gems info page here below:

On the buy page the assets can either be inspected in traits/purchased by clicking directly on them to open their detail-modal popups. Or the Buy interface features a neat "Sweep" functionality where you can easily select up to the 15 cheapest floor assets to buy with a easy to use slider selector, and a Filtering option to help narrowing down on specific traits more precisely.

For the Sell page users can find their inventory assets for the collection ranked, where it's easy to set/update prices via their individual price fields. Listings/updates are confirmed by clicking the blue 'List' button that pops up in the bottom of the UI if you have made new changes.


On the last tab for collection pages we find "Owners", which gives an overview and quick inventory filtered PFP Wizard access to each of the collectors of the PFP series.

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