Cloud Wallet Bridge

"THE WAX NFT & TOKEN BRIDGE: Multichain NFT & Token Bridge, powered by cloudwallet, enables seamless cross-chain asset transfer and interoperability."

The CW Bridge is created and maintained by the Wax Team and offers quick, easy, cheap (nearly free) and code-free bridging of assets to and from the Wax Network, from a range of connected bridged networks. This generally works in 2 steps:

Firstly the Collection/Project enables the bridging of their collection (creating the collection contract on the selected destination blockchain), which comes at a small gas fee for the collection setup which is paid by the collection owner. ( Check out "Collection Setups" ) At this point only the collection will have been prepared on both sides of the bridge, and assets become enabled to become bridged in step 2. Till assets are transferred over, they aren't all individually minted on all the bridged blockchains, so only the assets that have been actively bridged by their owners will appear on the new collection on the connected blockchain.

Second step is the NFT Bridging of assets, which can only be done by the owners of each individual asset. This is a simple 2 step process as well, where the assets to be bridged are sent to the bridges custodial wallet on the blockchain of origin, and from where they can then be minted/claimed on the targeted destination blockchain. This comes at a small gas fee, depending on the target blockchain, which is paid by the owners of the assets at that point. Each bridged NFT from the Wax Network is sent to 'bridge.wax', where they're stored while the NFTs are traveling to another blockchain.

For utilizing the bridge you're required to have a WAX Account, and a wallet on the corresponding chain you're bridging to.

On the cloudwallet bridge you'll find 3 different sections: - Token Bridge: Where MCW Bridge enabled tokens can be transferred from WAX and claimed on the target blockchain (limited to certain integrated tokens such as WAXP from Wax Network to ETH, or WUFFI to/from the Wax Network from SOL and BASE) - NFT Bridge: Where NFT assets from collections who've Setup the bridging of their collections, and have created the collection on the target blockchains, allowing for their assets to be sent across the bridge from a blockchain to another. - Collection Setup: Where collection/project owners can bridge their collections, enabling for their collections assets' holders to freely bridge their NFTs between the blockchains for which their collections have been created.

Read more about the MCW Bridge on Medium here:

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