⛓️For Blockchains

The Pixel Journey is here to support those who support us all and everybody else!

Without the blockchains to make our Web3 metaverse spin around, we wouldn't even be here! So the Pixel Journey will naturally help educate about blockchains, your networks, tokenomics and coins, as the general wider crypto onboarding as well.

While the first few years of the Pixel Journey is already largely booked up with:

  • Wax (and EOS) in season 1

  • Polygon in season 2

  • ETH in season 3

  • (and possibly back to wider EOS for season 4)

There may come plenty of opportunities to weave in side-quests on nearby/related blockchains as we go too, so feel free to reach out and make your case for why we should explore your paths, and/or incorporate educating about your blockchain along our Pixel Journey as well! πŸ—³οΈπŸ«‘

Please create a ticket on our Discord, or send a mail to support@pixeljourney.xyz to get in direct contact with our team.

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