Pawtner Utility Integrations

With over 100 Pawtners of WUFFI, there's a lot of WUFFI opportunities out there to keep up on! Here's a list of WUF ecosystem utility:

Pixel Journey

Stake WUF alongside PXJ, and explore DeFi on the Wax blockchain with the Pixel Journey!

We offer attractive APR rewards with PXJ (and on Alcor WUF) rewards on our MEAL and Alcor Farms for our shared pools, ensuring they're always a sweet and competitive pool to keep the tokens working in.

Our branch of the WUF DeFi brought in over $500k in volumes of our pair in the first few months after the WUF launch on the Wax blockchain, where it on key-activity dates had volume fee APR rewards as high as +4000% APR for the days of massive price spiking activity.

Find our pairs on Alcor Exchange and TacoSwap.


Over at PFPWizard you can farm WUFFI via their WaxDAO NFT staking farms for their OG WIzzys.

New farm link coming soon.*

.. more/detailed guides for WUFFI integrations coming soon'


At MonsterRooms they've distributed WUFFI to their Monsters' Holders based on staking level/staking points accumulated.

Learn more about it here:

Pawtner Integration Status Spreadsheet

On the WUFFI Pawtner Integration Statuin Spreadsheet you can get a peak into the state and integrations from many of the WUFFI Pawtners. These spreadsheets are copied over/updated every few months, or after major updates to them, here.

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