What is WaxDAO?

WaxDAO builds tools for users and creators on WAX. And offers a series of tools to help offer easy access to great collect/contract tools for adding utility to any project.

Among the features offered for projects/creators we have:

  • Pre-minted Packs

  • Pre-Minted Pools

  • Super Blends

  • NFT Farms (new, v2)

  • NFT Farms (old, v1)

  • Token Staking

  • Wax Token Creator Tools

  • Royalty Contract

  • Contract Removal Tools

  • NFT Drops

  • DAO Creator Tools

  • Synthetic Assets

  • Liquidity Lockers

  • Slow Release Escrow

  • Advertisement (on WaxDAO)

Why might WaxDAO be important for you as a collector?

WaxDAO offers a series of tools to add utility for various projects, but as a user you do in some cases need to actively participate in the features released for NFT-collections via WaxDAO!

NFT (Staking) Farms require NFTs to be staked/added to take part in their reward distribution from there, and the rewards need to be claimed. In this section of our Pixel-docs we'll take a closer look at how all that is done.

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