Burning NFTs on AH

BEWARE: Burning of NFTs is permanent, and irreversible.

Most services/mechanics that burn NFTs, do it automatically as part of their blending/consumption contract, so it is very rare you might need to directly burn a NFT from your inventory.

The creator for the NFTs minted is restored the RAM cost they paid when minting the NFT, once it is burned. However that is the creator, and not you as a holder for burning it. So burning NFTs don't clear up your own Wax accounts RAM, unless you were the one to create those NFTs.

If you don't have a specific/clear reason to burn a NFT; it's nearly never advised to do so.

The Burn mechanic on Atomichub can accessed from your inventory.

From there you can burn multiple NFTs with a multi-selection and the "Burn NFTs" option from the bulk-dropdown menu next to the orange "Bulk Listing" button. Or you can burn each individual NFT via their individual option-menu buttons.


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