Inspecting NFTs on AH

Digging into the origin/history/details of NFTs in your Inventory can be most useful, and necessary to learn to be able to easily verify the originality of NFTs, finding more details about them, or investigating the other NFTs of the collection.

Inspecting NFTs

By clicking on an NFT in your Inventory you can open up that specific NFT IDs' details:

From there you can continue clicking into the "Collection", "Category" and "Template ID"-links, which can bring you further down the rabbit whole of the origin/wider perspective of the investigated NFT.

Inspecting Templates

If entering to inspect the Template, a similar page appears but in this case its the Template for all of the NFTs in that series.

From the "Template Inspect" page you have the options to directly go to the AH Market Filtered only to the specific template (which can be very useful/save everyday users a few clicks).

Or to Create Market Offers for an entire template, to where any holder of that template can choose to let their NFT go for the amount of WAX offered.

Scrolling further down you can find the list of NFTs minted with the template, and the overview/top Accounts Holding it.

Inspecting ownership of series of mints can be of great interest, as a wider/good distribution of assets can signify that the sell pressure for the assets of the template may be lower, and/or there are more involved users actively collecting them.

Inspecting Categories/Schemas

For Categories we have:

  • Attributes Info

  • NFTs in this category

  • Holders of this category

Similarly as for Templates, when inspecting the whole category you you will also find the NFTs of the category, the templates of the category, and an ordered list of holders of NFTs from it.

Continue reading to learn more about Collection Pages on AH:

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