Managing Wallet Resources on CloudWallet

From the ⚑ icon on the top right of the Cloud Wallet Dashboard, you can find easy access to inspecting the state of your accounts Network Resources on Wax.

By clicking "Stake WAXP", you open the Resources Management Modal from where you can stake/buy more resources. It is not possible to unstake/sell resources via this mini-interface, so for that you need to visit the Staking Rewards via Cloud Wallet or

CPU/NET is staked and unstaked at no fees (oppositely, increasing the accounts voting weight/rewards), while RAM is bought and sold at a variable price rate + with a tiny conversion fee.

You can check the RAM price history/movements here on EOS Authority. As there's new RAM released to the RAM-WAX pool at every block, it is not recommended to lock up more WAXP as RAM resources than necessary.

We recommend:

  • CPU: Minimum 100-300 WAX staked (just 50 WAX in CPU per day may only offer 1-3 TX per day)

  • NET: 1-5 WAX staked to NET is plenty for most users

  • RAM: Don't buy more than you need, as price on RAM slowly declines over time. Staying around 60-90% RAM availability is sufficient for most users, and many RAM intensive platforms (such as AtomicHub) ofer easy RAM refilling interfaces when the situation should happen that you need to top it off.

Staking Rewards Page on Cloud Wallet

Via the Staking Rewards UI on Cloud Wallet, which we'll take a deeper look into on the following page, you can also find controls to Buy/Sell RAM resources, or stake and unstake CPU/NET resources. Either for your own wallet, or for others' wallets.

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