Trouble Accessing a dApp on WAX Blockchain

Q: I'm having issues opening my preferred dApp page. What should I do?

To address this, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Ensure the URL is accurate and you're visiting the right site.

  2. Consider using a different browser or try accessing the site in incognito/private mode.

  3. Clear your browser cache.

  4. Execute a hard refresh on the page: For PC: Press CTRL + F5. | For Mac: Hold down Command + Shift + R.

  5. If still unresolved, attempt a forced log out by visiting: Afterwards, sign back in.

  6. If you're using an iOS device, disable cross-site tracking protection. In Safari:

    • Click on Safari, then choose Settings (or Preferences for older versions of macOS).

    • Navigate to the Privacy tab.

    • Uncheck the box "Prevent cross-site tracking" to disable it.

If the issues persist, please reach out for help on Discord.

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