Coins & Staking

Pocketverse Coins come in 3 different tiers:

"Use these coins to earn some wax in the NFT farm on WAXDAO . 10% of all sales will be put into the Farm.

Coins can also be blended into silver coins which can be blended into gold Link to the blend page .

Coins will be used in most blends for limited NFTs so make sure you stock up!"

(From the Bronze Coins Drop Pages)

Coin Staking on WaxDAO

Coins of all three tiers, and the Gacha Upgraded collectibles, can be staked on the WaxDAO farm for hourly Wax rewards! πŸ‘€

The staking is custodial, so the assets will leave your wallet for the duration of the stake, and can be reclaimed from the Farm without any unstaking period whenever needed.

Pocket Pass Discount Opportunity

Holders of Pocket Pass' can claim their Bronze Coins for only 3 Wax (with a -40% discount vs the normal 5 Wax)! Don't miss out on the opportunity, and get a your custom Pass for your favorite Pocket Person made.

Pocketverse Pass Reverse Blend

Holders of the Pocketverse Pass can also exclusively reverse blend Gold and Silver tokens back into their lower tier coin equivalents, which may be useful if specific coins are required in events now and then.

Find all the Pocketverse Blends on Neftyblocks here:

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