WRITE GUIDES = EARN PXJ. As part of our Educational efforts for the Pixel Journey, we have our PXJ Writers Program to help incentivize the Community to share their knowledge along the way.

The PXJ Writers Program unlocks via our Discord from reaching server level 20 there (accomplishable within a few weeks of server activity without boosts, or much quicker with a few assets).

The incentive is simple:

  • Write Guides -> Submit them for Community Content Review in our Writers Lounge

  • Once approved by the community -> the guides are integrated into/updated to our PxJourney Docs here

  • Once integrated/updated -> a proposal is presented to the WaxRocks Council/PixelDAO to reward the submitter (either via standard amounts, or extraordinarily to match the contribution)

Standard PXJ Writers Reward Estimates:

  • Write/share/submit an original thread about the PixelJourney for SoMe (-> ~5000 PXJ reward)

  • Write/share/submit an article covering one of the many facets of the Pixel Journey (-> ~25000-50000 PXJ reward)

  • Write/update(/submit) a PxJourney Docs page on our site here (-> ~5000-15000 PXJ reward)

  • Write/share/submit a chapter of Pixel Journey lore (-> up to ~25000 PXJ reward)

  • Link to our Pixel Journey Docs/guides here from your publications on Wax/ecosystem releases (-> ~500 PXJ per link)

  • Write/share/submit other ecosystem related guides, containing mentions or links to the Pixel Journey. Such as detailing other ecosystem projects (-> up to 10000 PXJ reward)

  • 'Bugfix/update' (a lot) in past content (-> possibly a smaller PXJ reward)

Rewards may vary, and can also end up being split between multiple contributors.

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