OG Wizzy Breeding

The way to acquire Wizzy Children! With each season featuring collabs with projects of the ecosystem

Breeding Basics

Occasionally Breeding Seasonal events happen for the OG Wizzys in which periods holders can pair up their OG Wizzys, (add in a Wizzy child minting fee), and receive a Wizzy Child NFT that has a chance to inherit traits from its' parents!

Unlike OG Wizzys, then Wizzy Children do not grant Magic Power, nor can be used in themselves for future breeding yet. (Wen grand children!? Buccia hinted at maybe somewen)

In the end of each Breeding Season a series of Leaderboard rewards are distributed towards specifically event-announced rewards to specific Rarity Ranks reached by WIzzys.

Keep in mind that Rarity Ranks stem from the Rarity Scores of each NFT for each schema/template, and are subject to influence/manipulation by burning NFTs.

Therefore ranks can fluctuate slightly post minting (even if the series have been fully minted already), and this can be a key to achieving certain specific Rarity Ranks.

It is not 'illegal' to burn Wizzy Children to try and influence the Rarity Traits of other children.

Season 1 - Deer Wizzy (WaxDeer)

In the first season of Wizzy breeding, the WaxDeer project was featured in a series of special Deer Wizzy children exclusive traits.

Each Deer Wizzy was created by breeding two OG Wizzys, and paying a 0.1 ANTLER (or a 50k WUF) fee. The ANTLER fees collected here was distributed across the Deer Wizzy leaderboards in the end of the breeding period.

0.1 ANTLERS (WAX Deer main token) or 50,000 WUF
ANTLERS are added to the main prize pool, 50% of WUF is also added while 50% of WUF is burned

From the PFPWiz Discord we had the following special deer traits:

# Deer Wizzy - New traits odds

The basic odds without counting the Gem boosters:
โ€ข Background: jungle (10%)
โ€ขย Body: deer fur (50%)
โ€ขย Eyes: wild deer (10%)
โ€ขย Hair: shag deer cut (10%)
โ€ขย Clothing: deer jersey (10%)
โ€ขย Adornment: WDJC necklace (10%)
โ€ขย Headwear: deer antlers (50%)
โ€ขย Mouth: deer snout (10%)
โ€ขย Special: pet deer (2%)
โ€ขย Hand: WDJC collectible (0.3%)

After each breeding/Deer Wizzy mint, there was a chance for Instant Rewards:

# New Collaboration Traits and Rewards:
2 traits with 50% odds: 0.05 ANTLERS
6 traits with 10% odds: 0.2 ANTLERS
1 trait with 2% odds: 1.25 ANTLERS
1 trait with 0.3% odds: 1 Wax Deer NFT

These arrived immediately after mint, and could help breeders in continue breeding. In average for Season 1 almost half of ANTLER used in breeding was returned via Instant Rewards.

Season 2 (Yet to come)

Breeding page at PFPWiz

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