WoE Routed Swaps

The best way to swap on Wax!

WaxOnEdge Swap helps users' swaps get split/routed most optimally through all the DEX/CEX LP pairs, and Spot Markets available on the Wax Blockchain, to greatly increase swap efficiency.

No more needing to look for the pool with the highest liquidity, or to spike single pool rates massively leaving a lot of wasted value to be eaten up by arbitrage bots. With WaxOnEdge Swaps your trades automatically take care of all of that in themselves.

It's mostly like the Swaps known/seen everywhere in crypto, where there's a Sell token and a Buy token selected to make a swap between the two.

On WaxOnEdge when making a selection it'll automatically open up a price chart (if there has been made trades between the pair in the past), and/or show the most optimal routes available below the chart where you can get a glance into how your trades are split.

By entering the βš™οΈ Cog next to the "Swap"-title, you can edit your slippage tolerance for trades, or the number of routes you want to take. Using a higher slippage can be useful in some cases of trading tokens with extremely high trading volatility/frequency, where others may have changed the price rates from your load, till your trade is completed within the standard slippage limits. Changing the number of routes taken for the trade can be especially useful if short on CPU staked to complete it with the maximum routing, or in times of high network demand where CPU-costs are higher.

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