Kickstarting the PXJ-Economy

Our $PXJ token will be used along the whole Pixel Journey as our main token. We'll "ICO" it along our first season here on Wax, and it'll play a most central part all along the way. The total supply of it is planned to be 10 billion, with approximately 10% of the undistributed supply being distributed each season. This means we'll distribute 1 billion during the first season, 900 mil during the second, 810 mil during the third and so on. Leading to a built in 'halvening' in token distribution output after out 6th season.

The allocation of the tokens per season will vary a bit, but for the first season we'll have approximately:

  • ~ 10% distributed via burnable NFTs with different amount chances (these will be partly given away in events/random rewards, and partly for sale for Wax/the token itself, as seen on the image below)

  • ~ 20% will be distributed via our SALSA/MEAL Pools and Alcor Farm Rewards

  • ~ 15-25% will be allocated the initial LP-pools, added there on behalf of the team/project itself, along with a certain % of our sales earnings

  • ~ 20% will be be made available for the WaxRocks council to vote how to spend (perhaps boosting something else? or for airdropping random traits?)

  • ~ 20% will be distributed via WaxDAO to select of our crafted collectibles

  • ~ ~ 5% for other collections assets as promo/partnership agreements

(these are % of the seasonal allocation of 1 bil, not of the total supply)

Apart from being useful for staking in the TacoSwap pools in itself, or for directly selling into our LPs, then the token will also be used in certain future drops/sales for special crafting ingredients (aside the single pixel NFTs from the packs after burning NFTs), limited collectible drops or possibly upgrades to other collectibles in the collection. I also hope to eventually incorporate the token into the PixelDAO aspect of the project (in later seasons, for season1 the WaxRocks will mainly rule the initial 'DAO' aspects).

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