Alcor $PXJ Farms

  • Alcor Swap Pool Link:

  • Alcor Position Management

  • Alcor Farm Link:

From the Alcor Farms list you can find our Farms for the $PXJ pair which will include $PXJ and $WAXP, but potentially also many other Wax ecosytem tokens.

For our initial Alcor Farms we've added in 10 million TOC over a year to show off the concept here, and there'll also soon be added PXJ rewards:

  • Manage Alcor LP position from

  • When opening a PXJ/WAX position make sure to pick Fee type: 1% (the other pools are not yet setup)

  • Your position needs to be actively 'staked' to Alcor Farms from the site before you start generating farming rewards! Click the "stake" button if you see the red "Not Staked" message on the token list

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