PXJ Basic Info

Token ticker: $PXJ

  • Max Supply: 10 billion (10 000 000 000)

  • Amount distributed per season: 10% of the remaining unallocated $PXJ supply

  • Amount allocated to distribution so far: - Season 1: 1 billion (1 000 000 000 PXJ) - Season 2: 900 million (900 000 000 PXJ) - Season 3: 810 million - .. etc.

By following this model each Season along the way will slowly have a lower allocation of PXJ tokens to be released into the circulation, leading to around a 6.9 Season/year token distribution halving mechanic.

PXJ Analytic pages:

  • WaxOnEdge PXJ Analytics:

PXJ Swap and LP options:

  • Alcor Swap Pool Link:

  • TacoSwap Swap Pool Link:

  • TacoSwap MEALS Pool Link:

  • TacoSwap SALSA Staking Link:

  • Alcor Farm Link:

  • Manage Alcor LP position from https://alcor.exchange/positions

  • When opening a PXJ/WAX position make sure to pick Fee type: 1% (the other pools are not yet setup)

  • Your position needs to be actively 'staked' to Alcor Farms from the https://alcor.exchange/farm site before you start generating farming rewards! Click the "stake" button if you see the red "Not Staked" message on the token list

PixelJourney NB Drops page:

  • NeftyBlocks Drops (to purchase $PXJ redeemable PXJ Token Coins for WAX or PXJ):

PXJ-Token Blends/Redemption pages:

  • Neftyblocks - Blend redemption page with a 2000 - 100000 PXJ blend outcome chance:

  • WaxDAO redemption page - with a flat 8000 PXJ claim, not further expanded on once mints run out:

  • WaxDAO 5x token multi blend page - select 5 at once, get 5x8k = 40k PXJ as a fixed reward outcome, not further expanded on once mints run out:

When using these WaxDAO Blends then make sure to only select either 1x PXJ Token Coin to blend when using the single token blend option, or 5 tokens if using the 5x token blend.

If you select more or less NFTs than the blend expects/matches, then it will give you an error.

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