PXJ (Pepper)staking

Stake your PXJ in our Pepperstake farms on its own, and earn PXJ rewards!

Via Pepper Stake you have the option to stake your PXJ without pairing them up with anything, and instead locking them up for a certain period by themselves, to take part in a share of the daily distribution of PXJ rewarded to the pool participants.

In the info table on the right hand of the Pepper Stake pool UI, you can find some basic info about our pool there:

  • Period 10/365 means we're on day 10 of a year of rewards there

  • Next payout indicates when the next payout is distributed

  • There's currently 37 users participating/staked

  • There's a unstaking period of 72 hours (which means it'll take 72 hrs from you decide to unstake from the pool till you're able to withdraw your PXJ from it, and during that period the unlocking PXJ wont be generating rewards)

  • There are no min/max stakes required to take part in the pool (they're unlimited)

In the "Pool Info" table further below you can check up on how much PXJ is staked in total in the pool. This is a very important metric, as the more tokens are locked the lower the rewards per tokens locked. There's no direct "APR stat" on Pepper Stake at this moment, however you can calculate it from the total tokens staked in the following manner:

APR = Total Staked Tokens / (Total Staking Rewards per day Γ— Days in a year) Γ—100

From the current data/info available on the screenshot in the top of the page, we would at the time of writing then have 3.5M PXJ locked which leaves us with the following APR calculation:

3500000 / (30000 x 365) x 100 β‰ˆ 312.857% APR

As there's typically "less risk" in Single Token pools, with only one token being staked, then APR will tend to be slightly lower here than on Alcor/TacoSwap LPs where the tokens are paired. Each type of pool has each their upsides/downsides in different situations, and can all be worthwhile dipping into.

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