🚨Wax Security Tips

Security is of highest importance! One wrong TX approve could sweep your account!

Security in crypto and Web3 should never be taken lightly, so here we have a few tips that we hope may help you stay safe.

  • Make sure to enable and use 2FA options (if using Wombat or Cloud Wallet)

  • Make sure to keep your connected email/social accounts safe as well (if using Wombat or Cloud Wallet)

  • Consider using a HOT/COLD wallet distribution of your NFTs. With the hot wallet only holding your 'required for daily use' NFTs, and your cold wallet becomes your safe storage vault of NFTs, without needing to ever interact with unknown contracts/actions that might put the holdings at risk.

  • Don't FOMO into clicking random links in chats (especially from people you don't know!)

  • Make sure to read the transaction details of your transactions, before confirming transactions (especially if you just entered an unknown site)

  • Make sure to double check the URL/links you navigate to. Especially if clicking them from Discord servers, Twitter or chats.

  • Do NOT share your exported/private keys with anyone

  • Don't trust random investment advice in your DMs

  • Beware for scam or phishing sites/links such as "atomicchud", "niftyblucks", "aiienwords", and etc. IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF A SITE: Visit google, search up the main/verifiably authentic site, and navigate to the source of the link instead.

  • Being extra cautious might occasionally make you miss out on a $1 NFT-gift-link airdrop, however it might also save you from being drained from all you got! So just be careful out there.

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