Pepperstake $PXJ Staking Farms

Stake PXJ -> Earn PXJ!

On Pepperstake we have our PXJ single token staking farm here, where you can stake your tokens and take part in daily token rewards. You don't need to pair your PXJ staked here with any other tokens, however there's a catch: here there's a unstaking period which means that 72 hrs go by from when you decide to unstake till you can withdraw your PXJ position from Pepperstake again once you decide to take it out again πŸ˜‰πŸ‘€

Make sure to take a look at the estimated payout per 1k PXJ staked, and the total staked PXJ at the farm page here below, the image from this docs page might be out of date, however 3.5M PXJ locked leaves the daily rewards to around a 350% APR at the time of writing:

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