Anchor Wallet 101

The Third option is Anchor Wallet by Greymass.

Anchor comes in both Desktop and Mobile App versions available for MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux and Android. Download Anchor from here

The Anchor Wallet is a fully private & custodial wallet. Where you can either import existing accounts with the private keys, or it can help you create new Blockchain accounts for any Antelope-based blockchain (such as Wax, EOS, Proton or Telos), for a $1 account creation cost.

Anchor accounts on Wax are only started with a 0.2 Wax stake to CPU/NET, and 4000 bytes of RAM, and it does unlike CloudWallet and Wombat Wallet, NOT come with any daily free transaction limits. So you will definitely need to increase it's Wallet Resource stakes to be able to send transactions on the blockchain.

We recommend to at least have 10-20wax worth of NET, 50-200 Wax staked to CPU, and 10-50wax worth of RAM available at all times to ensure a smooth experience in using the Wax Blockchain.

In total this comes down around $10 worth of Wax at current rates, to setup a usable account to be able to do hundreds of actions a day on the Wax Blockchain.

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