CloudWallet 101

The first option for creating on Wax is's own wallet solution: CloudWallet ( This wallet option is completely in-browser based, and does not require any downloads or installation.

A Wax wallet can be created either with email, or via a series of social-media account signin options:

Create an account on cloudwallet

Once the account is created, the CloudWallet option requires a 5 Wax (~$0.25 at time of writing) deposit to 'unlock' it's on-chain functions. It can also be paid by CreditCard, however this option costs $5 instead (not recommended).

In the future the Pixel Journey will help providing CloudWallet redemption codes for certain users as well, to smoothen this account creation/on-boarding route.

Each CloudWallet starts out with a small amount of CPU, NET and RAM staked from creation, however you will need to add more to these to be able to smoothly use the Wax Blockchain.

50-200 Wax of resources ($2.5-10 worth of Wax at the time of writing), is plenty for most casual users, and allow for up to hundreds of transactions made available on the network every day.

CloudWallet by default a non-custodial wallet option. However it's possible to soft/hard claim your account from there, to export it's keys, and allow for them to be imported into other wallet options (such as Anchor Wallet).

By "Soft-Claim", you get access to your keys, but can continue to make use of the many 'perks/features" of cloudwallet itself still.

And by "Hard-Claim", you gain full custody of your keys, while losing access to using the core/cloudwallet exclusive features.

Special features offered by cloudwallet are:

  • 25 daily free transactions (with your CPU/NET being covered by Wax)

  • Automatic transaction signing for trusted dApps (manually enablable for most transactions)

  • Access to CloudWallet only dApps/projects (such as BlockchainBrawlers, or Alien Worlds)

  • Access to the cloudwallet dashboard/account overview

  • Access to the cloudwallet bridge tools for tokens and NFTs (this will be necessary for bridging later in the Pixel Journey)

  • Custodial/Non-custodial Wax account management options

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