End-of-Month/Holder Airdrops

It may be worth holding onto those Pixals! πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘€ Monthly rewards in form of PXJ, ecosystem tokens and sometimes (soon?) NFTs!

One of the first features of the Pixal PFPs will be an automatic airdrop chance om monthly draws of prizes from our NFT-reward-pool, and/or sweet token rewards.

At the last minute of every month (UTC time) there's a series of snapshots of Pixal Holders that slightly vary in scope/rewards from month to month. By default we snapshot all Pixal Holders, and randomly draw a number of traits who get a bonus airdrop reward. The details of each snapshot released a weeks time in advance on our Discord, alongside a reminder to unstake/bridge back the Pixal PFPs to ones own Wax Wallets - as bridging or custodial-staking utility might lead to the risk of missing out on these sweet airdrop rewards. Keep in mind certain staking platforms, such as Wombat Dungeon Master that has a +24 hours unstaking period, and requires the Pixals to be claimed back in time.

This reward pool will contain NFTs from across the ecosystem, as well as a limited allocation of our own Pixel Journey NFTs. And will be refilled partly via collaboration agreements, donations or via community/WaxRock Council decisions.

Currently you can get a look at the current status of the reward pool at:

These NFT-reward-pools will also be utilized for occasional Discord or Twitter events/giveaways, and for NFT-reward prizes for our TacoSwap MEALS incentives.

Did you know you can track pixals.pxj on Waxblock?

Every month to come ~4-5% PXJ from pixals.pxj is distributed across Pixal Holders.

This means airdrop amounts slowly reduce month-by-month, and that they can last perpetually!

Via Waxblock, or NFT inventory viewers, you may be able to get some insights to what tokens or airdrops may be coming up next πŸ‘€

Airdrops Per Pixal Held

Random Trait Airdrops

Pixal Holder Airdrop History:

  • End February Snapshot: 1M PXJ distributed (4050 eligible Pixals)

  • End March Snapshot: 2M PXJ distributed (~4800 eligible Pixals)

  • Mid April Snapshot (WUFFI Launch Celebration): 1.5M PXJ + 1B WUF distributed (5350 eligible Pixals)

  • End of April Snapshot: 3M PXJ distributed (5800 eligible Pixals)

  • End of May Snapshot: 4.2M PXJ + 169M WUF + 1.69B CHAD (8366 eligible Pixals)

  • End of June Snapshot: 4.25M PXJ + 166M WUF + 1.69B CHAD (8186 eligible Pixals)

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