PXJ Redeemables

As part of our initial PXJ distribution, we've decided to distribute 10% of the season 1 supply (1% of total PXJ supply) via our "PXJ Token Coin" redeemable NFTs.

These NFTs will be obtainable via giveaways on our various platforms, in events, and via possible ecosystem collaborations.

~ 40% of the redeemable NFTs will also be sold directly for Wax (and PXJ itself), via our NeftyBlocks drops page here. This will help stabilize our token initially while it's being distributed, and should aid early Pixel Journey adventurers in getting a bag of $PXJ available to participate in our TacoSwap initiatives (apart from burning their Pixal PFPs for Packs/Single Pixels to stake).

When unpacked each of the two types will unpack into a random amount of PXJ. For the coins it ranges from 2000 PXJ to 100k PXJ, and for chests it ranges from 10k PXJ to 750k PXJ.

They will come in two versions; Coins and Chests, with chests being 5 times more powerful in average.

Find them on the secondary marketplaces right here, with PXJ Schema filtered on:

Redeeming the PXJ Token Coins and Chests:

The redemption of the PXJ tokens will be possible via two(later three?) different sites/services:

This first initial option via WaxDAO blends offer a direct 8000 PXJ result, but for a limited amount of Token Coins.

  • Initially via our WaxDAO Super Blend here:

Or this 5x multi blend via WaxDAO where you can blend 5 of the tokens for

  • Neftyblocks - Blend redemption page with a 2000 - 100000 PXJ blend outcome chance:

This option will offer the random blend outcomes ranging from 2000 to 100k PXJ for [$PXJ Token Coins], and in the future there'll similarly be one from 10k to 750k PXJ for the [$PXJ Token Chests] later to come.

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