WoE Analytics

The best place for getting the Wax DeFi Analytics from ever exchange in the ecosystem!

WoE Analytics presents you first of all with Top Token and Top Token Pair rankings, but can be explored much deeper than that! It also comes with a super useful search bar, which can be used to easily look up specific tokens, or token contracts.

You can dig further into each of them, and clicking any of the tokens or pairs in the rankings, from where you'll be presented with all the details relevant to tokens such as:

  • Basic Token Info (Number of holders, latest prices, volume histories, minted/max/burned token supplies, or Market Cap/FDV stats)

  • A tradeview graph (with token history, options of exploring all the connected pairs, and the option to use TA related drawing tools)

  • Top Pools/Pairs (From across all the ecosystem DEX/CEX')

  • Top Token Holders Lists

  • Trading history Logs (with great filtering, and search options integrated as well)

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