TX history on Waxblock.io

On your "Wallet" page, or by looking up a Account address on Waxblock, you can findAccount TX Histories

After the basic account info section, you'll find "Recent Activity", and Transactions just below:

From this panel you can search/filter to find specific TX, or you can see a log of all the latest TX made by the account.

By clicking on the "TX ID" link column rows, you can open up the individual transactions to see the entire details of them, but already from the History TX Log you can get a great overview of what has been going on by inspecting the Action and Data columns.

TX ID's with a little orange exclamation mark circle, indicate that they haven't been finally confirmed irreversible on the blockchain yet (which happens after 900 blocks, or after ~6 minutes, after time of TX)

You can take a look around our pixeljourney accounts Waxblock here:

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