NFT LP-Provider Rewards

In addition to token rewards for TacoSwap LP holders, certain pools have NFT rewards enabled as well!

On the Tacoswap NFT Rewards site you can find an overview over all the pairs with NFT rewards enabled:

Each pair has their own dedicated NFT-reward pools, where the rewards can only be added to/filled up by the token creator wallet.

The "Daily Rewards" speed for distribution can be edited at any moment, so it can be a good idea to keep up with which pools have the most attractive NFTs in their pool and at which rate they're being distributed along the way.

In the "Remaining Time" you can find for how long the NFT Reward pool for the specific pair has NFTs in stock to be able to keep up with the "Daily Rewards" rate.

By clicking on the "View NFT Rewards" button below the "Daily Rewards" for each pair, you can inspect the pairs' possible rewards, and scrolling horizontally you can view all the possible templates for each pool.

The NFT-pool wallet holding all NFTs awaiting distribution via TacoSwap NFT Rewards:

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