PFP Trait Airdrops

It may just pay off to hold those Pixals folks! πŸŽπŸ‘€

Among the Pixal PFPs traits there will be three (3) trait types with a chance to on their own reward the PFP holders with NFT airdrops at a later (and community announced) date. These three are:

  • WaxRocks

  • Pixel Pets

  • Certain BG-traits (from photography created by Piga)

The WaxRocks functionality will start out using the ownership of the PFPs with the traits, and the Pixel Pets won't come into function into a later phase in general. However each of the special PigaPhoto-BG traits will have a chance to both drop their owners a version of those photo-NFTs, and later on have a chance to get airdropped random future PigaPhoto NFTs as well!

Another of the first features of the Pixal PFPs will be an automatic airdrop chance for getting 'tickets' in monthly draws of prizes from our NFT-reward-pool.

This reward pool will contain NFTs from across the ecosystem, as well as a limited allocation of our own Pixel Journey NFTs. And will be refilled partly via collaboration agreements, donations or via community/WaxRock Council decisions.

Currently you can get a look at the current status of the reward pool at:

pixeljourney on AtomicHub or

pigapigapiga on AtomicHub

or pxj on AtomicHub

These NFT-reward-pools will also be utilized for occasional Discord or Twitter events/giveaways, and for NFT-reward prizes for our TacoSwap MEALS incentives.

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