Bridges to ETH & Polygon

As part of our first season 1 of this Pixel Journey adventure, we'll already start bridging NFT assets to both ETH and Polygon networks! πŸ›Έ

Certain schemas/series of the Pixel Journey collectibles and PFPs will become bridgeable to various connected blockchains that we'll be able to reach via's CloudWallet Bridge features.

This means that while our Pixals for example will originate from the Wax blockchain initially, they will become accessible from 'everywhere'. And that there may end up being advantages to transfer them to different blockchains to be able to access their unique markets or ecosystem features.

Season 2 and onwards, will be about exploring more of the connected blockchains networks/ecosystems as well. And while the economy/features of each previous blockchain will continue, the main faucets or routes may shift from one place to another. (To be further decided upon in our WaxRocks votes)

More information, and a detailed guide will come for all this once we move closer to having it all enabled.

If you wish you read more about the Wax bridges, you can checkout's Medium Articles here:

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